Intelligence: Russia complains that the Armed Forces and Ukrainian special services have an informational influence on its military

Anna Kholodnova

The Russian command complains that the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Ukrainian special services have increased their influence on the Russian military.

This was reported in the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense.

The command of the occupiers sent to the military units "Extract from the order of the Deputy Commander of the Western Military District for military and political work." The document states that "commanders of all ranks have faced opposition from personnel" who are dissatisfied with the war in Ukraine. According to the Russian command, the Internet and popular messengers are to blame for the decline in military motivation and panic.

The authors of the document complain that the military is influenced through "historical memory (distortion of historical facts of Russian history) as well as manipulation of opinions at the expense of agents of influence." In addition, "false information about events and the situation in the war zone" is spread among them.

The occupiers also complain that the use of technology leads to the leakage of classified information. The command ordered the soldiers to restrict access to the Internet and the use of smartphones.