The Irish Mirror: The Russian Embassy in Ireland is running out of fuel for heating and hot water as Irish oil companies have refused to deliver supplies.

Anna Kholodnova

The Russian embassy in Ireland is running out of diesel fuel for the hot water and heating of both the embassy and the housing of diplomats. Irish oil companies refuse to supply them with petroleum products.

This was reported by The Irish Mirror.

Russian diplomats have already complained to the Irish Foreign Ministry asking them to intervene before fuel runs out. The embassy checked other suppliers in the Dublin area, but they all refused to cooperate.

"This diesel is an essential commodity since it is used for heating and hot water supply of the Chancery, as well as the residential area of our mission. The Embassy requests that the Department intervenes into this clearly discriminatory case", — Russian diplomats write in their statement. It is reported that fuel for the Russian embassy remained for no more than a week.

Earlier, on March 29, Ireland expelled four Russian "diplomats" because "their activities do not meet international standards of diplomatic conduct."