In Hungary, the results of the parliamentary elections have begun to count. Prime Minister Orbanʼs party is winning, for now

Oleksiy Yarmolenko

Parliamentary elections were held in Hungary on April 3. According to preliminary data, Prime Minister Victor Orbanʼs party is winning.

This was reported by the Hungarian Media Index.

After counting more than 28% of the ballots, 59.36% of Hungarians voted for Orbanʼs Fidesz party. The united opposition supported 29.44% of the voters.

Another party, the right-wing Mi Hazank, also has the opportunity to enter parliament, gathering 6.5% of voters.

If Orban wins, it will be his fourth consecutive victory in Hungaryʼs parliamentary elections.

Also during the elections in Hungary, a referendum was held on the issue of studying LGBT issues in Hungarian schools. Orbánʼs party decided to ban it and vote on this.