Leaving the Chornobyl NPP, Russian occupants took Ukrainian National Guardsmen with them

Kostia Andreikovets

Slavutych Mayor Yuri Fomichev told Babel that the Russian occupiers had already left the Chornobyl nuclear power plant. He also noted that they took Ukrainian National Guardsmen, who were captured in the first days of the war, with them.

The occupiers began to retreat to Belarus. They have already moved more than 40 kilometers from Slavutych.

"Today, somewhere closer to noon, they left in large convoy from the village of Mykhailo-Kotsyubynske. Now we are trying to solve humanitarian issues, we have already brought some food to the city, volunteers take people to Kyiv — this is not a green corridor yet, people go by their own cars," he said.

Earlier, Energoatom (Ukrainian nuclear power authority) reported that the Russian occupiers were leaving the Chornobyl nuclear power plant and the city of Slavutych. They left trenches in the radioactive Red Forest. Energoatom also published the "Act of Acceptance and Transfer of Protection of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant", which was signed by the occupiers, leaving the station.