The Times: Oligarch Abramovich handed Putin a note from Zelenskyy about the terms of the truce — he replied

Kostia Andreikovets

The British edition of The Times, citing sources, writes that the Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich is a mediator in the negotiations between Kyiv and the Kremlin. He handed Vladimir Putin a note written by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy himself.

The newspaper writes that Putin received the note around March 23. In the note, Zelenskyy outlined possible compromises that the Ukrainian government is ready to make to end the war. Putin allegedly became angry and replied to Abramovich: "Tell him that I will destroy them."

In Istanbul, Abramovich allegedly met with Peopleʼs Deputy Rustem Umerov, who was authorized by Kyiv to participate in the negotiations. Together with the representative of the Turkish President Ibrahim Kalin, they held a number of meetings.

In Istanbul, Abramovich allegedly met with MP Rustem Umerov, whom Kyiv authorized to participate in the negotiations. They held a series of meetings with Turkish Presidential representative Ibrahim Kalin.

The newspaper writes that despite Putinʼs anger, the parties are slowly approaching a certain agreement.