Mariupol Mayor: during the siege of the city about 5 thousand people were killed,

Anna Kholodnova

The local authorities of Mariupol provided journalists with approximate data on the consequences of the shelling by the Russians. During the cityʼs siege, almost 5,000 people were killed, including 210 children.

More than 2,000 residential houses were damaged, which is 90% of the total housing in Mariupol. More than 60,000 houses in the private sector have been damaged.

Before the blockade, 140,000 people managed to leave Mariupol, after the siege another 150,000 people were evacuated. Russia also deported 30,000 locals to its territory. 170,000 people remain in the city.

Currently, the Russian occupiers have gained a foothold in some areas of Mariupol, but are constantly losing equipment and personnel, said the Chief of Azov Regiment Staff Bohdan Krotevych.