”Skhemy” journalists (TV program of joirnalistsʼ investigations) identified the occupier who abandoned the tank in the village of Lukianovka

Kostia Andreikovets

Journalists of the "Skhemy" project (Skhemy: corruption in details, TV program of joirnalistsʼ investigations) identified a Russian serviceman who dropped a T-72BZ tank in the village of Lukianivka, Kyiv oblast, where there was a counterattack of the Armed Forces.

In total, the occupiers dropped several such tanks. They found technical documents and a medical book of the deputy commander of the arms company — this was what journalists identified.

The fugitive was 23-year-old lieutenant Shtainer Sergei Dmitrievich. He serves in the military unit #12128 (since 2016), which is located in the village of Totske-2, Orenburg oblast. Immediately after graduating from school, he decided to become a soldier of the tank troops and went to the Omsk Armored Engineering Institute.

According to "Skhemy", in July 2021, Shtainer and his wife lived in Omsk, and in 2022 he participated in a full-scale war, being in Ukraine as deputy commander of a company that was going to Kyiv.

Interestingly, one of Shtainerʼs phone numbers still works. Below is the answer from Serhiy Shtainerʼs phone number.