Punishment for helping the Russian Federation and for misuse of humanitarian aid. The Ukrainian Parliament made several important decisions

Kostia Andreikovets

Today the Verkhovna Rada (Ukrainian Parliament) voted in favor of a number of important decisions and bills, including increasing penalties for aiding an aggressor country, criminal liability for misuse of humanitarian aid during martial law, and several more.

The following projects have been adopted:

  • #7190 — on improving the norms of tax legislation for the economy of the state during the war ("Customs Reform");
  • #0133 — on accepting additional $100 million from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development;
  • #7178 — simplifies the acquisition of land use rights for agricultural purposes under martial law;
  • #6417 — on settlement of issues related to the pension provision of family members of former servicemen, including volunteers, who died (died) while participating in the Donbas operations;
  • #5583 — on the definition of the system of social protection of war veterans and a comprehensive review of the system of social protection of war veterans;
  • #7179 — on supplementing the list of officials who are granted state protection;
  • #7182 — on protection of critical infrastructure of Ukraine from cyberattacks;
  • #7181 — on the abolition of criminal liability in cases of voluntary handing over of weapons, ammunition, explosives or electronic devices;
  • #7184 — on simplification of the procedure for assigning special police ranks during martial law;
  • #7183 — details of the procedure for conducting criminal proceedings in the conditions of imposing martial law or state of emergency in Ukraine or its separate localities;
  • #7186 — on the establishment of fair punishment for persons who help the aggressor state (10 to 12 years in prison), as well as on the restriction of access of such persons to positions related to the performance of state or local government functions;
  • #7185 — on the status of war veterans, guarantees of their social protection;
  • #3793 — on ensuring the effective functioning of the Export Credit Agency;
  • #7146 — on criminal liability for the use of humanitarian aid during martial law for other purposes;
  • #7153 — on granting additional powers to central and local authorities for prompt decision-making during martial law;
  • #7132 — on the abolition of external evaluation in 2022 (with the replacement of another model of admission);
  • #6416 — on continuing the possibility of participation of international organizations in the purchase of medicines for Ukraine;
  • #7173 — on the treatment of prisoners of war and the establishment of the powers of the authorities in this matter;
  • #7187 — on the settlement of the participation of MPs in the Armed Forces and the Territorial Defense units during martial law (only the first reading);
  • #7192 — on the lease of state and municipal property during martial law (simplified procedure for providing premises on preferential terms);
  • #7180 — on improving the principles of organization and conduct of the resistance movement;
  • #7189 — on the introduction of criminal liability (up to 12 years) for publishing information about the movement of our armed forces;
  • #7176 — on dismissal of members of the Supervisory Board for not coming to work.