Ukraine signed a security agreement with Luxembourg. Here is what it provides

Olha Bereziuk

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Prime Minister of Luxembourg Luc Frieden signed a security agreement between the countries on July 10 in Washington.

The text of the agreement was published by the Office of the President of Ukraine.

In the agreement, it was recalled that Luxembourg provided military aid to Ukraine in the total amount of €74.4 million in 2022 and €96 million in 2023.

Luxembourg also allocated €80 million for military support to Ukraine for 2024. Luxembourg will continue to provide military aid at the same pace during the term of this agreement, subject to parliamentary approval.

Military assistance and the security sphere

Luxembourg will continue to provide military support to Ukraine, in particular in the land, air and cyber spheres.

The agreement notes that Luxembourg has taken a leading role with Estonia and Ukraine in the IT assistance coalitions, and also contributes to the air force and surface-to-surface artillery coalitions. Luxembourg does not rule out participation in other armed coalitions.

Luxembourg will provide Ukraine with intelligence and surveillance equipment and train the Ukrainian military.

The countries will also work on improving Ukraineʼs defense industry to a powerful potential. In addition, Luxembourg will assist in the integration of the Ukrainian defense industry into NATO and EU defense and security standards.

Non-military cooperation and humanitarian aid

Luxembourg will continue to provide in-kind humanitarian assistance to Ukraine, particularly in the areas of health, housing, food security, energy, education, communications, protection, water supply, sanitation and hygiene, as long as humanitarian needs remain.

Luxembourg will also continue to support the sustainable recovery and reconstruction of Ukraine, in particular through its bilateral development agency Lux-Development. In addition, Luxembourg will focus on financing micro, small and medium enterprises.

The agreement envisages that the countries will strengthen cooperation in such areas as the construction and metallurgical industry, cyber security, consulting services in the field of business and finance, as well as in the space sector.

Luxembourg also pledged to support Ukrainian artists and cultural workers and to promote the restoration of the cultural and creative sectors.

Just peace and bringing the Russian Federation to justice

The participants of the agreement recognize that Ukraine and all of Europe will not be safe until there is a comprehensive, just and lasting peace in which Ukraineʼs rights are respected according to international law and, in particular, the UN Charter.

The signatories will work to investigate and prosecute international crimes committed in or against Ukraine.

Luxembourg will continue to explore all legal avenues through which Russian assets can be used to support Ukraine.

Cooperation in case of future armed attack

In the event of a future armed attack by Russia on Ukraine, at the request of any party to the agreement, its participants will hold consultations within 24 hours in a bilateral format. Luxembourg will provide security and defense support, military equipment and economic assistance,

The agreement remains valid for ten years.

  • Currently, Ukraine has concluded 22 bilateral security agreements to implement the provisions of the G7 Joint Declaration on Support for Ukraine, adopted in Vilnius on July 12, 2023. Ukraine has signed agreements with Great Britain, Germany, France, Denmark, Canada, Italy, the Netherlands, Finland, Latvia, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Sweden, Iceland, Norway, Japan, the USA, the EU, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland and Luxembourg.