Canada imposed new sanctions against Russia. Propagandists, in particular Medvedchukʼs “Voice of Europe” came under restrictions

Olha Bereziuk

On June 13, Canada informed about a new package of sanctions against Russia. 11 people and 16 companies were included in the list.

This is reported on the website of the Government of Canada.

The new sanctions are directed against people and organizations involved in disinformation and propaganda, as well as against enterprises of the Russian military-industrial complex.

Canadaʼs restrictions also apply to people and companies involved in circumventing sanctions, which facilitate Russiaʼs access to sanctioned goods and help it evade the "price ceiling" for oil.

In particular, the list included:

  • the head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Anton Alikhanov;
  • the member of the Public Chamber Kateryna Mizulina;
  • media manager Aram Gaberlyanov, who is behind Russian propaganda projects such as LifeNews;
  • "Pobyeda" airline;
  • JSC "Electroagregat";
  • JSC "Electroavtomatika";
  • Novorossiysk shipping industry;
  • Russian National Reinsurance Company;
  • "Russian newspaper";
  • TV channels "Tavria TV" and "Mariupol 24" and the website ZaMedia, which operate in the occupied territories;
  • "Voice of Europe" controlled by Viktor Medvedchuk;
  • Training center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in Managua (Nicaragua).

Canada has also banned the export of numerically controlled machines that Russia can use in the production of weapons.