In Kyiv, a cardiac surgeon was kidnapped, injected with “poison” and the kidnappers demanded $2 million for the “antidote” for him

Olha Bereziuk

In Kyiv, two men kidnapped a cardiac surgeon and demanded a $2 million ransom from him.

This was reported by the press service of the prosecutorʼs office.

The incident happened in Kyiv, when the doctor was walking past a house on Feofil Yanovsky Street. A car drove up to him, from which men unknown to him got out. One of them introduced himself as a law enforcement officer.

The men forced him to sit in the passenger compartment of the car, put a black bag on his head and injected an unknown substance into his leg. The doctor was told it was "poison". After that, they began to demand $2 million for the "antidote".

Realizing that the man did not have such money, the attackers searched him and took 15 thousand hryvnias that were in his bag. Then the kidnappers dropped the doctor off the car at Sovsky Ponds and disappeared.

The law enforcement officers established the identity of both attackers and declared them suspected of kidnapping, robbery and extortion. The maximum penalty is 12 years in prison.

According to the police, the perpetrators changed license plates and cars several times, hiding from law enforcement officers. In the end, one of the suspects was detained and already sent to custody, the location of the other is being established.