The Telegraph: NATO is preparing land corridors for US troops in case of a major war in Europe

Kostia Andreikovets

NATO in Europe is developing numerous land corridors for American troops and armored vehicles in case of a major ground war with Russia. Through these corridors, US troops should quickly reach the eastern borders of the Alliance.

The Telegraph writes about it.

These logistics corridors are being created amid warnings from the allianceʼs top leadership that Western governments must prepare for conflict with Russia in the next two decades. Last year, NATO members agreed to train 300 000 military personnel who will be on high alert to protect the Alliance.

According to the plan, American forces that are part of this contingent will disembark in one of five ports and head to the front along prepared routes, including trains. There are five main corridors — they go from the Netherlands, Italy, Greece, Turkey and Norway.

They are also developing corridors for the transportation of troops through ports in the Balkans, as well as through Norway, Sweden and Finland.

An important nuance is that in these corridors, troops will not be restricted by local regulations, laws or customs, so they will be able to freely transport cargo. NATO also takes into account the experience of Ukraine, when Russian troops launch massive missile attacks on ports and other logistics. However, this is a difficult task.

At the end of May, the Financial Times newspaper wrote that NATO has only 5% of the air defense equipment needed to protect the eastern flank in Europe. However, a high-ranking NATO representative told the newspaper on condition of anonymity that the ability to defend against missile and air strikes is "a major part of the plan to defend Eastern Europe against invasion."