In Kyiv, the “kiosk-temple” of the UOC MP, which was illegally erected in the UNESCO buffer zone, was dismantled

Liza Brovko

In the capital, the so-called kiosk-temple, which the UOC MP religious community illegally erected on the territory of the National Museum of the History of Ukraine in the buffer zone of the UNESCO world heritage site "Kyiv: Saint Sophia Cathedral and adjacent monastic buildings, Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra", was demolished.

"Mediacenter" writes about it.

The illegal construction was called the "kiosk-temple", because according to the documents there were supposed to be three kiosks in its place.

This building was erected in violation of the legislation, without archaeological survey and permits of the Institute of Archeology of the National Academy of Sciences, the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy.

In February 2023, the Economic Court of Kyiv ordered the UOC MP religious community to independently dismantle the illegal construction, but it ignored it. A fine was imposed on the community, which it did not pay.

Therefore, the museum announced a collection of 772 thousand hryvnias for the demolition of the "kiosk-temple". 870 thousand hryvnias were collected in 16 hours. The State Executive Service engaged a contractor — the construction company Smile Construction, which dismantled the building.

  • Permission for the construction of the "kiosk-temple" near the Tithing Church was granted to the UOC MP community in 2004 by the then head of the museum Serhiy Tchaikovsky. In 2012, the community acquired ownership of the building, while the land remained in the possession of the museum. In 2021, the museum filed a lawsuit demanding the demolition of the temple on its territory.