France will hand over a new batch of missiles for air defense to Ukraine

Oleksandra Amru

France will transfer to Ukraine a new batch of Aster anti-aircraft missiles for SAMP/T medium-range ground-based air defense systems.

The Minister of the Armed Forces of France Sébastien Lecornu said this the day before at the hearing of the National Assembly, reports Le Monde.

"I have just signed the second batch of Aster missiles so that the SAMP/T, which we, together with our Italian partners, transferred to Ukraine, will continue to work," the minister said.

At the same time, neither the number of transferred missiles nor the delivery schedule are specified.

  • At the end of March, Lecornu informed that his country would supply Ukraine with Aster missiles and hundreds of armored vehicles — "old, but still serviceable" — during 2024 and early 2025. This will be in the new military aid package. Among the military equipment that Paris wants to transfer to Ukraine, there will probably be French armored personnel carriers VAB (Vehicule de Iʼavant blinde), designed for the operational transport of troops to the battlefield under the cover of armor. VAB was developed back in the 70s of the last century.
  • The SAMP/T ground-based anti-aircraft missile system is designed for anti-aircraft protection of mechanized units and anti-aircraft cover of important stationary objects. This air defense system is capable of shooting down aircraft, cruise and ballistic missiles.