In Kyiv, a water main burst near the “Lybidska” metro station. The city authorities named the reason

Oleksandra Amru

In Kyiv, near the “Lybidska” metro station, in the afternoon of May 14, a water main broke, as a result of which the road along Antonovycha Street was damaged and flooded. Traffic is currently blocked.

The Kyiv City State Administration (KCSA) reported that this happened during hydraulic tests.

"Heat power engineers started this work in order to identify ʼthinʼ places on the pipelines and carry out repairs in a timely manner for increased work in the winter," the KCSA wrote.

"Kyivteploenergo" has already localized the place of damage on Antonovycha Street. Specialists of the emergency recovery team will shut down the site and will additionally inspect the location for repair work.

Traffic is currently blocked, while the “Lybidska” metro station is operating as usual. The movement of trolleybuses was resumed.