Great privatization. A starting price of more than 1 billion hryvnias was set for the “Ukraine” hotel in Kyiv

Liza Brovko

At the meeting of the auction commission for the sale of the object of large privatization, the starting price of the "Ukraine" hotel in Kyiv was set, as well as the terms of its sale.

This was reported by the State Property Fund of Ukraine.

The commission set the starting price of the sale of the asset at the auction with conditions — UAH 1 047 637 152. Eight members of the auction commission, as well as five representatives of the hotel, took part in the meeting.

The commission also developed the conditions for the sale of a single property complex of the state-owned enterprise "Ukraine Hotel".

Готель «Україна»

Hotel "Ukraine" in the capital has four stars, it is located on Maidan Nezalezhnosti, consists of 14 floors and has a total area of 22 481.5 m². The hotel has a restaurant for 250 people, four banquet halls, a business center, six conference halls and meeting rooms, a beauty salon, a sauna and a massage room, and a parking lot for 69 cars.

Objects of large-scale privatization are single property complexes of state-owned enterprises and packages of shares (parts) of organizations in the authorized capital of which more than 50% of shares (parts) belong to the state, and pools whose assets exceed 250 million hryvnias. Objects of large privatization are sold only at electronic auctions “ProZorro.Sales”.