TV and radio signals disappeared in the Sumy region due to shelling

Oleksandra Opanasenko

The Russians launched missile and air strikes on radio engineering facilities in the Sumy region. Because of this, TV and radio transmitters in Sumy, Shostka, Bilopillia and Trostyanka are temporarily not working.

This was reported by the Sumy Regional Military Administration.

Due to damage, part of the territory of the region cannot receive Ukrainian TV and radio signals. Interruptions with mobile communication are also possible.

The head of the Sumy Regional Military Administration Volodymyr Artyukh emphasizes that the Russians are waging an informational struggle, destroying Ukrainian broadcasting. The consequences of the blows are analyzed, the situation is corrected.

In the morning, the Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces reported about missiles in the direction of Shostka and Okhtyrka (Sumy region).