Ukrainian drivers blocked three checkpoints on the border with Poland

Oleksandra Opanasenko

In response to the blocking of the border by Polish strikers, Ukrainian carriers blocked three checkpoints — "Rava-Ruska", "Krakowets" and "Shehyni". Organizers control the order of passage through these checkpoints, not allowing Polish trucks to bypass the general queue.

This is reported by Suspilne and

The protest action started at 12:00. Drivers placed posters on trucks with inscriptions in Ukrainian and English: "Remove the blockade — return Ukrainian drivers home", "Stop the blockade at the borders", "Ukraine will lose — Poland will lose", "Blockade of Ukraine — betrayal of European values" and others.

The head of the public organization "Ukrainian Transport Union in the Lviv region" Oleh Dubyk notes that Polish trucks will be allowed into the territory of Ukraine with the same delay as Poles allow Ukrainian ones.

The action will continue around the clock until March 15 or until the borders are unblocked by Polish protesters.

What is known about new protests at the border

Since February 2024, Polish farmers have continued to block checkpoints on the border with Ukraine. They disagree with the European Commissionʼs intention to extend the duty-free regime for exports from Ukraine until the middle of 2025, and complain about the flow of cheap Ukrainian products.

On February 11, Polish farmers stopped 3 Ukrainian trucks on the road to the border crossing in Dorohusk and dumped grain on the road.

On February 20, the previously announced strike by farmers began in Poland — highways are blocked across the country, roads and checkpoints on the border with Ukraine are blocked. Their main demands are restrictions on the import of agricultural products from Ukraine, the return of the permit system for Ukrainian transporters and subsidies.