A general strike of farmers began in Poland. Hunters joined them

Stanislav Tkacevich

Today, February 20, 2024, the previously announced strike by farmers began in Poland. They were joined by hunters from the Hunters in Action association.

This is reported by RMF24.

All over the country, highways are blocked, roads and checkpoints on the border with Ukraine are blocked. Even during the announcement of the actions, the farmers said that they would block checkpoints and entrances to transshipment railway stations and seaports for trucks. Their main demands are restrictions on the import of agricultural products from Ukraine, the return of the permit system for Ukrainian transporters and subsidies.

As Radio Svoboda reports, a group of protesters blocked the railway near the Medyka-Shehyni checkpoint and dumped grain from a freight car. After that, they returned to the track, where they block the traffic of freight transport.

Hunters are joining the protests, complaining about hunting restrictions introduced by the Ministry of Climate and Environment. They are also against the "destruction of Polish agriculture." The association demands that hunting be placed under the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture and that systematic decisions be introduced regarding the list of hunting species. Among the requirements is easy access to venison without existing administrative barriers.

Here is a map of the protests. Farmersʼ protests are marked with tractors on it, and hunters with wild boars.

Reaction of Ukraine

The spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Oleh Nikolenko said today that blocking the Ukrainian-Polish border has no justification, "no matter what slogans it is accompanied by." He added that the anti-Ukrainian slogans heard at the border confirm the political nature of the action.

"On the other hand, the protesters do not in any way mention the threats associated with the import of grain and other types of agricultural products from Russia and other countries," he added.