In 2023, the number of measles patients increased sixfold compared to 2022

Liza Brovko

During the past year, six more people fell ill with measles in Ukraine than in 2022.

This was reported by the Ministry of Health.

The Center for Public Health of Ukraine provides the following data: in 2022, 11 cases of the disease were recorded in Ukraine, while in 2023 — 65.

At the same time, five cases of measles were recorded in 2024: three in Odesa region and one each in Chernihiv and Volyn regions. Although the epidemic situation remains under control, the Ministry of Health urges parents to check the vaccination status of their children and make up for missed vaccinations.

The results of 2023 show that 92.4% of one-year-old children and 87.3% of 6-year-olds were vaccinated against measles, mumps and rubella (MMR). However, WHO recommends vaccination coverage of at least 95% to form collective immunity.

The Ministry of Health notes that measles is one of the most contagious and deadly infectious diseases. Unvaccinated children are the most vulnerable.

The calendar of preventive vaccinations provides that each child should receive two doses of the PDA vaccine — at 12 months and at 6 years. Vaccinations are free, they are available in all regions of Ukraine.