Riots in the capital of Serbia with demands to cancel the election results. The president promised arrests

Kostia Andreikovets

On the evening of Sunday, December 24, in the capital of Serbia, Belgrade, thousands of protesters came to a rally demanding the annulment of the results of the parliamentary and municipal elections, claiming they were falsified.

According to the Balkan service "Radio Liberty" and Reuters, the protest was called by the pro-European coalition "Serbia Against Violence", which denies the election results after the claims of the victory of the ruling SNS party of President Aleksandar Vučić.

Protesters tried to break into Belgradeʼs town hall, where the election commission is located. They broke down the door of the building and threw stones at it. The police intervened in the situation, using gas and batons.

As reported by RTS, President Aleksandr Vučić made an address. He said that there will be no revolution, the state is strong enough, and "all thugs will be arrested."

  • Parliamentary and local elections were held in Serbia on December 17, 2023. President Aleksandar Vučićʼs ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) won 46.72% of the vote, the opposition Alliance Serbia Against Violence won 23.56% and the Socialist Party of Serbia won 6.56%. The opposition declared about falsifications. OSCE observers also saw a number of violations — unfair competition, media bias and voter bribery.
  • On December 18 , protests began in Serbia demanding the annulment of the election results. The main organizer of the protests is "Serbia Against Violence".