Google Chrome has new security and productivity features

Liza Brovko

Google Safety Check for Chrome will run automatically and in the background.

This is stated in the companyʼs blog.

Users will be notified in advance if passwords stored in Chrome are compromised or if any of the installed extensions are potentially malicious. This also applies to sites whose reliability should be checked.

These notifications will appear in the browser in a menu with three dots.

At the same time, Chrome will revoke location or microphone tracking permissions for sites if users havenʼt visited them in a while.

The security check will also check if the user is getting too many notifications from sites that arenʼt being interacted with that much, so they can be turned off quickly.

In Chrome, you can now organize your tabs by creating groups of them on computers.

  • Previously, Google Chrome had a function that shows how much memory tabs use. It is available for Mac, Windows, ChromeOS and more.