In Croatia, the name of the new defense minister was announced. His predecessor was fired due to a fatal accident

Anna Kholodnova

Prime Minister of Croatia Andrej Plenković named the new Minister of Defense. The previous one was released due to a fatal road accident.

Bloomberg writes about it.

50-year-old Ivan Anušić became the new head of the Ministry of Defense. His candidacy must be approved by the parliament on November 16.


In 2017, Anušić headed the Osijen-Baran County, and was also elected to the Croatian Parliament, where he was responsible for the fight against corruption.

  • On November 13 , Defense Minister Mario Banožić was dismissed in Croatia. He caused a fatal accident. The incident happened around six in the morning on Saturday, November 11. According to the investigation, Banožych overtook a truck in bad weather and crashed into a minibus traveling in the opposite lane. The driver of the minibus was killed, and Banozhich was hospitalized with serious injuries. Blood and urine samples were taken from him for examination.