The government will sell “winter fur caps” and other unnecessary property at an auction

Anhelina Sheremet

The government will sell at a tender the unnecessary property that is stored in the State Reserve and whose storage period has already expired.

The Ministry of Economy reported this on November 7.

So, at the auction, hats made of artificial fur for the military, which were pledged to the State Reserve in the early 2000s, will be sold. Since 2017, the Ministry of Defense has changed the rules regarding uniforms — "winter fur caps" do not meet these new requirements.

They will also sell grain from the 2007-2018 harvests, its shelf life of 2 years has already expired. In addition, unclaimed M-63/10D motor oil, whose shelf life is also ending, will be sold at the auction.

Deputy Minister of Economy Ihor Fomenko explained that the sale of unnecessary property will allow the state to save funds spent on its storage.