Former Prime Minister Mykola Azarov was informed of a new suspicion

Anna Kholodnova

The former prime minister of Yanukovychʼs time Mykola Azarov was informed of a new suspicion of information activities in favor of Russia.

This was reported in the Prosecutor Generalʼs Office.

According to the investigation, the former prime minister has been conducting information activities in favor of Russia in the media and the Internet since the beginning of the full-scale campaign. He has been hiding in Russia since 2014.

Azarov, in particular, regularly participates in the broadcasts of Russian channels, videos of which later end up on the Internet. He promotes Russian narratives — justifies Russiaʼs armed aggression against Ukraine and the occupation of part of Ukrainian territory. He also publicly calls for the violent overthrow of the constitutional order in Ukraine.

The facts of Azarovʼs crime confirmed the conclusions of the forensic linguistic semantic-textual examination.

  • As early as 2021, Azarov was arrested in absentia by the court in the case of the "Kharkiv Agreements", when the government and parliament agreed, and then Viktor Yanukovych in 2010 signed an agreement with the Russian president to extend the Black Sea Fleetʼs stay in Sevastopol for 25 years. Ukraine agreed to this in exchange for a reduction in the price of Russian gas, which actually did not happen.
  • On October 12, Azarov and two of his assistants, one of whom is an official of the capital district state administration, were informed of a number of suspicions.