Norway agreed to improve the NASAMS system to meet threats

Anhelina Sheremet

The Ministry of Defense of Norway agreed on a new cooperation with the American division of Raytheon and the Norwegian Kongsberg Gruppen on the further development of the NASAMS anti-aircraft missile system.

This was reported by Norwegian Defense Minister Bjørn Arild Gram on October 31.

"We need to strengthen and further expand air defense in order to better protect civilian and military objects from threats from the air. The war in Ukraine has demonstrated how important air defense is in war," noted Norwayʼs defense minister.

Raytheon and Kongsberg Defense & Aerospac jointly develop and manufacture NASAMS. The new agreement is designed to ensure that the NASAMS missile system can keep pace with threats. Norway plans to purchase missiles for air defense and parts for the complex.

  • 13 countries have integrated NASAMS into their air defense systems since 2005. In addition to the USA, these are also Norway, Finland, Spain, the Netherlands, Oman, Lithuania, Indonesia, Australia, Qatar, Hungary, Ukraine and one more unnamed country.