280 people have already been buried in mass graves in Bucha. Civilians shot dead by Russians were found in the city


After the liberation of the oblast from the occupants, civilians shot by Russians are found in Kyiv oblast.

Adviser to the head of the Presidentʼs Office Mykhailo Podoliak published a photo from Bucha, Kyiv oblast. It depicts the bodies of people lying on the streets with their hands tied. "They did not have weapons. They did not pose a threat, " Podoliak wrote.

280 people have already been buried in mass graves in Bucha, the mayor said. According to him, after the liberation, the city was severely destroyed, and its streets are littered with the bodies of dead people.

Special police forces are currently clearing the city of saboteurs and accomplices of Russian troops.

The bodies of people killed by Russians are found not only in Bucha. The bodies of Olha Sukhenko, the head of the village of Motyzhyn, and her husband, whom the Russians captured 10 days ago, have already been found.

Also, 20 kilometers from Kyiv, near the highway, are the bodies of 4-5 dead naked women whom the Russians tried to burn just on the side of the road.