Angelina Jolie arrived in Lviv. She ate croissants, talked to refugees and volunteers. Meanwhile, Internet users were making memes

Anhelina Sheremet
Angelina Jolie arrived in Lviv. She ate croissants, talked to refugees and volunteers. Meanwhile, Internet users were making memes


Hollywood actress and goodwill ambassador Angelina Jolie arrived in Lviv. The visit was not previously announced. The actress had a snack at the Lviv Croissants, visited the children affected by the missile strike at the Kramatorsk railway station and the boarding school. She talked to volunteers at the Lviv railway station and people who managed to leave the areas of active hostilities. Meanwhile, Internet users made memes. "Babel" selected the best of them.

Puzata Hata, the Ukrainian chain of restaurants specializing in Ukrainian cuisine, invited Angelina Jolie to try its varenyky [Ukrainian national dish].

Comedian and musician Ivan Marunych made a couple of jokes about Jolie coming to Ukraine. In one of them, he wrote that Angelina Jolie might be part of a land lease bill voted in the US House of Representatives.

Some people also joked that now Lviv men will fill actressʼ social media with invitations for a cup of coffee.

One user recalled airstrikes that happened when the General Secretary of the UN António Guterres came to Kyiv.

Goodwill ambassador Angelina Jolie: arrives in Lviv.

Halychany (people from Western Ukraine), remembering what happened when the General Secretary of the UN visited Kyiv:

Another widely-shared meme depicts Zelensky calling US president Biden.

Zelensky: “Send us Javelins!”

Biden: “The connection is bad. I am sending Angelina Jolie!”

Head of Luhansk Oblast Administration Sergii Haidai wrote that the Ukrainian women asked whether Brad Pitt would come.

Andriy Lozovy recalled Jolieʼs role in a series of movies about Lara Croft and ironized: “The tomb raider arrived in Lviv just in time for hrobky (traditional commemoration of the departed in Ukraine).”

Some people joked about Jolie trying to find an apartment or a room in Lviv. Since the war began, the rent in Lviv, located in the Western part of Ukraine, skyrocketed.

One user joked: “I canʼt believe that my eyes saw the video where Angelina Jolie talks to the internally displaced people at Lviv railway station, and Vopli Vodoplyasova [Ukrainian band] can be heard in the background.”

Another Twitter user wrote: “Can you imagine that planes donʼt fly here. [It means] Angelina Jolie arrived in Poland, got on a bus to Lviv, which is always late for a couple of hours, sat with her knees pulled up, and listened to “Vova, destroy them” [Ukrainian war-time song about Zelensky] on repeat.”

One more meme states: “Equipment supplied by the US turned up to be amazing.”

- Do you want a cup of coffee?

- Five “Lvivske 1715” [a beer brand] until there is no curfew.

Many users also joked about a teenage Ukrainian boy completely ignoring the Hollywood actress.



Angelina Jolie:

Me, watching footage of dead Russians:

Air raid siren:


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Angelina Jolie:

Me: “Damn! Everyone is posting news about Jolie in Lviv! A beautiful woman.”