UAVs and EW will get to the troops sooner. The government simplified the procedures

Kostia Andreikovets

The government supported the proposal of the Ministry of Defense and simplified the procurement and access to the operation of electronic warfare (EW) systems.

According to the Ministry of Defense, the admission of EW to use in the army will now take place on the basis of the act of joint departmental tests or on the basis of the results of studying the declared tactical and technical characteristics. Previously, the process of admission to operation was quite long. It involved studying the technical documentation, conducting several tests, and determining and obtaining the need from the Armed Forces.

From now on, the General Staff will approve the technical requirements for admission to operation. In addition, the General Staff is tasked with approving the technical requirements for EW facilities and their current need for each type of EW.

Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov is sure that this is an important decision that will help manufacturers to develop more actively, reinvest profits and not waste time on bureaucracy.

"In March, the Government adopted a resolution on BpLA. The decision helped the Ukrainian drone market to scale tenfold, and today our military receives many domestically produced drones. Now we are transferring this experience to EW," he wrote in Telegram.

He explained that the changes will enable:

  • for the state to purchase EW equipment according to a simplified procedure;
  • increase the profit of producers by 25%;
  • allow for operation without repeated tests and meetings of the commission of the Ministry of Defense;
  • to reduce to 10 days the admission to operation of UAVs and EW models;
  • The Ministry of Defense and State Special Communications to purchase EW at the request of the Defense Forces;
  • to acquire UAVs and EW before the completion of the procedure for admission to operation thanks to the act of joint departmental tests with a positive conclusion or the availability of a NATO nomenclature number.