Militants in the Gaza Strip launched dozens of rockets at Israel. One person died, 16 were injured

Anna Kholodnova

On the morning of October 7, militants from the Gaza Strip fired rockets at the south and central part of Israel.

This was reported by the Jerusalem Post.

A 60-year-old woman died in the Gederot district due to a rocket attack. Another 16 people across the country were injured — two in critical condition, six in moderate condition, and seven with minor injuries.

Israeli media reported a direct hit to a house in Tel Aviv and a building in Ashkelon. Dozens of cars also caught fire in Ashkelon. In Jerusalem, explosions were heard and air defense was working.

The Israel Defense Forces and police asked residents to stay in shelters.

There are also reports of a shootout between Israeli troops and the Hamas group in Sderot and the infiltration of militants into the territory of Israel in the south.

The IDF has declared a state of readiness for war and is retaliating.