The US Army received the first four air defense laser systems

Kostia Andreikovets

The US Army received the first four prototypes of DE M-SHORAD air defense laser systems based on Striker armored personnel carriers.

Defense Blog writes about it.

The DE M-SHORAD short-range directed energy air defense system is designed to destroy drones, missiles, artillery shells and aircraft. At least, thatʼs what the developer, Raytheon, says.

The publication Defense News wrote that the system showed itself well at the training ground in Arizona and "strewn the field with downed UAVs", although there were some problems with countering missiles, artillery shells and mortar mines.

The DE M-SHORAD itself consists of a 50 kW laser combat module, a radar system, a beam control complex and guidance sensors. Its advantage is that the system does not need a special support machine — everything necessary is built into Striker. Also, this anti-aircraft defense is cost-effective and does not require expensive ammunition.

These four prototypes are currently being evaluated for effectiveness at Fort Sillʼs 4th Battalion, 60th Airborne Field Artillery Regiment.