The prosecutor of the ICC told what cases the court is currently investigating

Oksana Kovalenko

The Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) Karim Khan said that he does not have a list of people against whom he is investigating crimes. This is how he commented on the journalistsʼ question about the appeal to the European Parliament to issue an arrest warrant for Aleksander Lukashenko.

“As for the next [suspects] on the list, we donʼt have a list. I mean, we donʼt start with a list. It would be absolutely wrong to conduct a targeted investigation against a certain person," Khan noted.

He added that the investigation follows facts and evidence, analyzes what happened, whether it entails criminal responsibility, and if so, how it should be proven.

"And thatʼs the basis of any competent investigator or prosecutor in any competent national system, and certainly thatʼs the standard that I live by, that my office lives by, and we work in that partnership with the attorney general." he noted.

Answering the question about what other cases in Ukraine are currently being investigated by the International Criminal Court, Khan refused to specify, referring to the fact that the investigation is still ongoing.

"We are considering evidence of crimes that may amount to genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes. We have numerous reports that weʼve received, crimes against civilians, crimes against buildings, information about sexual abuse, children, every type of crime that you can imagine, these reports have been received. But the focus of the investigations is the question that will be put before the judges in the first place. I will not comment now on what we are focusing on," Khan said.