Moscow was once again attacked by drones

Sofiia Telishevska

The Ministry of Defense of Russia again informed about the alleged attack by Ukrainian drones. According to them, two drones were shot down in the Moscow region.

The launch of the drone took place around 06:50 Moscow time. It was apparently discovered over the territory of the Moscow region and destroyed by means of radio-electronic warfare in the area of Pokrovsk settlement of the Ruza district.

However, already at 08:16 there they announced another attack — the drone was apparently shot down by Russian air defense over the territory of the Istra district of the Moscow region.

The downing of the drone on the approach to Moscow was confirmed by the mayor of the city Sergei Sobyanin. According to him, there was no damage or casualties as a result of the UAV attack.

Later, Governor Vorobyov said that two people were injured in the fall of the drone in the Moscow suburbs.

According to the Russian media, "Vnukovo" airport has temporarily suspended operations. Also, an "Aeroflot" flight from the Russian city of Yekaterinburg landed in Kazan instead of Moscowʼs "Sheremetyevo". When the plane was about to start its descent, the liner turned around. The pilot announced that all Moscow airports were closed.

"Domodedovo" airport also reported about work restrictions. They said that "to ensure additional security measures, a temporary ban on the reception and departure of aircraft has been introduced since 06:26".

At 08:30, the "Domodedovo" and "Vnukovo" airports seemed to have resumed operations.