Patron the dog was “buried” on Twitter. The State Emergency Service denied his death

Kostia Andreikovets

Ukrainian Twitter users write about the death of the Patron dog, but the State Emergency Service and the Ministry of Internal Affairs deny this.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs issued the first notification, but the submission of information itself caused doubts in the comments.

Subsequently, the message appeared on the official Instagram page of the four-legged sapper, which is maintained by the State Emergency Service.

"Now the Twitter people have been attacked by the "Patron is dead" disease. Although take and take pictures every day with a fresh issue of "Gordonʼs Boulevard". It brings them likes and coverage, and for me, the whole day of unsubscribing "Iʼm alive!" Here is a photo of my work, fresh. Here I am alive and well," the message reads.

It is not yet known who exactly launched the information about the dogʼs death.