Explosions rang out on bridges between Kherson region and Crimea

Sofiia Telishevska

At night, unknown assailants fired at bridges on the administrative border between the Kherson region and Crimea near Chonhar.

According to a preliminary assessment, English Storm Shadow missiles were used. The road surface was damaged on the bridges. There are no victims among the people, reported the collaborator Volodymyr Saldo, who was appointed by the occupiers as the head of the Kherson region.

"The connection between the Kherson region and Crimea continues to operate — the movement of motor vehicles through a reserve route has been temporarily organized," Saldo assures.

The head of the occupation administration of the peninsula Serhiy Aksyonov says that specialized services have begun surveying the road surface.

"The possibility of movement will be reported within an hour," he assures.

Crimea and the Kherson region are connected by three checkpoints: two in the Armyansk district and one in the Dzhankoy district.