Survey: Most Europeans consider Russia an enemy of their countries

Sofiia Telishevska

Two-thirds of respondents in 10 European countries consider Russia an enemy of their states after the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

This is evidenced by the results of a survey published by the European Council on International Relations, Politico reports.

The strongest position regarding Russia as an enemy in Denmark is 82%. It is followed by Estonia and Poland (79% each), Great Britain (77%), Germany (69%), Spain (65%), France (59%), Portugal (57%) and Italy (54%). In Romania, 44% of respondents consider Russia an enemy.

Political scientists Ivan Krastev and Mark Leonard, who presented the report, say that the war in Ukraine led to the creation of three blocs in Europe.

The first is the "northern and eastern hawks", which include Estonia, Poland, Denmark and Great Britain. In these countries, the majority of people strongly support Kyivʼs goals in the war.

The second is the "ambiguous West", consisting of France, Germany, Spain and Portugal. There, opinions about how the war should end were divided.

The third is the "weak southern links", which include Italy and Romania. They want the war to end sooner, even if it leads to territorial losses for Ukraine.

  • The report is based on data from YouGov and Datapraxis, which surveyed 14 439 people in the countries in question in January.