The officer who beat a conscript in the military unit of Zhytomyr region was declared of the suspicion

Anna Kholodnova

The officer who beat a conscript in the military part of Zhytomyr region was declared of suspicion of abuse of power (or official authority) by a military official (Part 5 of Article 426-1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

This is reported in the Office of the Prosecutor General (PGO).

According to the investigation, on March 11, 2023, the junior lieutenant, platoon commander of the guard company of the military unit beat the soldier, as a result of which he received minor injuries. The officer was unhappy that the conscript was drunk and behaved inappropriately.

With such actions, the suspect violated the requirements of the Statutes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the procedure for completing military service under martial law. The issue of selecting a preventive measure for him is still being resolved.

The command of the military unit drew up an administrative report on the fact of negligent treatment of military service in connection with the untimely notification of the prosecutor and the SBI about the crime committed in the military unit (Part 3 of Article 172-15 of the Code of Criminal Procedure).