The Hungarian Parliament again postponed the ratification of the accession of Sweden and Finland to NATO

Sofiia Telishevska

The Parliament of Hungary again postponed the vote on the ratification of the application of Sweden and Finland to join NATO. The next attempt to make a decision will be in two weeks.

This is reported by AP.

Earlier, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said he was in favor of Sweden and Finland joining NATO, but claimed that the governments of both countries "spread outright lies" about Hungary, raising questions from lawmakers from his party.

In an interview on February 24, Orbán confirmed that Hungary would send a parliamentary delegation to Sweden and Finland to seek "clarifications" before ratification is put to a vote.

From July 2022, Budapest is postponing the parliamentary ratification of the applications of Sweden and Finland to join NATO.

  • Finland and Sweden applied for NATO membership last May. Since then, 28 of the 30 member states have approved the accession of both countries — Turkey and Hungary have not yet done so.