The MP from OPZZh Oleh Voloshyn was declared the suspicion of treason

Sofiia Telishevska

The MP of Ukraine Oleh Voloshyn from the banned party "Opposition Platform — For Life" (OPZZh) was declared the suspicion of committing treason and causing intentional minor bodily harm.

According to the investigation, he helped Russia and its representatives carry out subversive activities against Ukraine.

He spread statements aimed at creating pro-Russian attitudes in society. Recognized as legitimate and justified the creation of the self-proclaimed so-called "LPR/DPR" on the territory of Ukraine.

Also, the peopleʼs elected official is suspected of intentionally causing minor physical injury to an activist.

The investigation established that on the eve of the large-scale invasion of the aggressor state, the suspect left the territory of Ukraine and is currently in the Russian Federation.

Searches are currently underway at the residence of the MP of Ukraine, his relatives and assistants.