WSJ: The USA pressures Turkey to stop accepting the U.S. passenger planes flying from Russia

Oleksiy Yarmolenko

American officials are pressuring Turkey to stop accepting the U.S. passenger planes from Russia. After the invasion and the imposition of sanctions, Russia confiscated these planes.

The Wall Street Journal writes about it.

Last month, senior U.S. officials threatened Turkish nationals with prison terms, fines, loss of export privileges and other measures if they service US-made aircraft flying to or from Russia and Belarus in violation of export regulations.

The message was conveyed by the U.S. Assistant Secretary of Commerce Tay Rozman Candler during an official visit to Turkey in December.

Last year, the United States introduced export controls that prohibit Russia from using American-made aircraft. It also prohibits any aircraft manufactured in the United States or containing more than 25% American components from flying to Russia or Belarus without a license issued by the U.S. Department of Commerceʼs Bureau of Industry and Security.

However, Russian airlines continue to fly Boeing Co planes, defying the U.S. and EU efforts to return them to their owners.