Hackers made public the results of Lukashenko and his sonʼs COVID tests. Most of them were made before meetings with Putin

Anna Kholodnova

On the eve of the new year, hackers who call themselves the "United Headquarters of Resistance" hacked the website of the medical center of the Office of the President of Belarus and made public the tests for the coronavirus of the self-proclaimed president Oleksandr Lukashenko and his son Mykola.

On December 31, a "greeting" from hackers appeared on the main page of the clinicʼs website.

In two days, hackers published an archive of more than 70 pdf files containing information about the results of PCR testing for COVID-19 of Oleksandr and Mykola Lukashenko.

These are standard certificates, they indicate the time of testing, the result of the analysis, the time of issuing the document and the name of the doctor. Each of them has a valid QR code that opens the official website of the medical center and the same online help that can be downloaded.

Journalists of "Zerkalo" ["Mirror"] publication drew attention to the fact that Oleksandr and Mykola Lukashenko often received certificates on the same day and time. Sometimes the time of testing coincided with the time of issuing the certificate. In fact, this is impossible: it takes at least several hours to perform a PCR test. In one of the documents, the date of issue precedes the date of testing. There are certificates with errors that were later reissued.

The first results of the tests were issued on April 12, 2021, the last — on December 25, 2022. Journalists noticed that Lukashenko did almost all the tests before meetings with Russian President Putin. And if until September 2021 one test was enough for this, then later Lukashenko and his son did this procedure two or more times.

The publication "Nastoyastchee vremya" ["Real Time"] notes that in the results of Alexander Lukashenkoʼs tests, there are two different passport numbers: MP 0000001 and MP 1000000. There are three documents in Mykola Lukashenkoʼs certificates: passport MP 0000001 (like his father), passport MP 2000000 and document PD 000001.

The PD series stands for Biometric Passport. In Belarus, they began to be issued from September 2021. However, Mykola received certificates for this document already in April and May 2021.

At the same time, in the certificate for July 2021, when Mykola already had a biometric passport, one of the certificates indicates a passport with the series and number MP 0000001, i.e. a regular one, which he should not have had at that time.

  • The self-proclaimed president of Belarus Oleksandr Lukashenko has repeatedly not recognized the coronavirus as a threat. The mask regime in the country was in effect for 13 days, and Lukashenko stated that no one has the right to demand that people wear masks, especially on the street, and also urged not to force doctors and law enforcement officers to monitor whether citizens observe the mask regime.
  • From the very beginning of the pandemic, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has been carefully protected from infection with the coronavirus. Before meeting him, everyone is forced to sit in quarantine and constantly take tests.