“For the monarchy to correspond to the times.” The Queen of Denmark stripped four grandchildren of their royal titles

Anna Kholodnova

Queen Margrethe II of Denmark has stripped her four grandchildren of their royal titles. Later, she apologized, but did not abandon this step.

The BBC writes about it.

The Queen announced the decision last week, which will take effect in 2023. Margrethe II wants the monarchy to "fit with the times". She believes that this decision will "secure the future" of the institution.

"The titles of prince and princess that they have held until now will be abolished. Therefore, in the future, the descendants of Prince Joachim will have to be addressed as Your Highness," the monarchʼs statement read.

Queen Margretheʼs younger son Prince Joachim stated he was saddened by the change.

From the beginning of 2023, four of Joachimʼs children: 23-year-old Prince Nicholas, 20-year-old Prince Felix, 13-year-old Prince Henrik and 10-year-old Princess Athena — will have the titles of Count and Countess of Montpezat.

"Itʼs never fun to see your children treated so badly," he told reporters. And his wife, Princess Marie, reported that her youngest child was bullied at school for this reason. The Queenʼs grandson Prince Mykola said his family was "shocked" by the decision.

The royal palace said the move was a "natural extension" of Margrethe IIʼs desire to narrow the monarchy.

The Queen of Denmark called the reaction to her decision "severe" and later apologized to her family.

"No one should doubt that my children, daughters-in-law and grandchildren are my great joy and pride. Now I hope that we, as a family, can find peace and our way in this situation," she said.

Queen Margrethe IIʼs eldest son Crown Prince Frederik is first in line to the throne. Four of his children will retain their titles.

His wife Crown Princess Mary supported the Queen. She said that “change can be hard and can really hurt. But this does not mean that the decision is wrong."