The third case of monkeypox was recorded in Ukraine

Oleksiy Yarmolenko

The third case of monkeypox was found out in Ukraine. All of them have a mild course of the disease.

The chief medical officer Ihor Kuzin stated this on the air of the telethon.

"All of three patients have a mild course of the disease. They have not been abroad and, according to preliminary data, have had no contact with patients. There is also currently no confirmation that these cases are related to each other," he noted.

Despite this, Kuzin assured that the risk of spreading this disease to a large number of people is low. He emphasized that all regions of Ukraine have enough tests to detect monkeypox.

  • The main symptoms of monkeypox monkeypox are rash, headache and fever. The Ministry of Health and WHO do not predict an epidemiological spread, as was the case with the coronavirus.
  • The Ministry of Health does not urge citizens to mass vaccination against monkeypox, despite registered infections in Ukraine (the first case on September 15).
  • Also, the Ministry of Health will not disclose information about the place of registration of cases of monkeypox, in order to ensure the comfort of patients and avoid harassment.