A bloc of right-wing parties wins the elections in Sweden

Oleg Panfilovych

A bloc of right-wing parties wins parliamentary elections in Sweden.

The Guardian writes about it.

After processing more than 90% of the ballots, the Sweden Democrats, the Moderate Party, the Christian Democrats and the Liberals win 176 seats in parliament against the centre-leftʼs 173 seats. Prime Minister and leader of the Social Democrats, Magdalena Andersson, refused to concede defeat and called on Swedes to "be patient" until the final results are established. At the moment, votes abroad and votes cast by mail are not taken into account. Considering that the difference between the two blocks is small, the results can still change.

The main feature of the elections was the success of the "Swedish Democrats" — a far-right party that calls its ideology nationalist and socially conservative. She advocates the preservation of true Swedish traditions and the strengthening of morals in society, the traditional family system and the implementation of a "responsible" immigration policy, a significant reduction in the number of refugees, and restrictions on the entry into Sweden of relatives of immigrants already in the country.