In Pakistan, one of the oldest cities in the world was submerged due to floods

Oleksiy Yarmolenko

In Pakistan, floods damaged one of the worldʼs oldest surviving human settlements, Mohenjo-Daro. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was built during the time of the Indus Civilization, the third oldest ancient Eastern civilization after Egypt and Mesopotamia.

CNN writes about it.

The settlement and the museum on its territory were used as temporary housing for local people whose buildings were flooded earlier.

Most of the structures at Mohenjo-daro, which were discovered in the 1920s, are located above ground and are susceptible to natural influences. Images included in the letter from the guardians of the monument show destroyed brick walls and layers of dirt.

The staff of the attraction has already taken immediate measures to eliminate the consequences, including installing water pumps, cleaning the drains and carrying out partial repairs. Because of the damage, the guardians of the monument are asking the authorities for 100 million Pakistani rupees ($45 million) to cover the costs.

Pakistan has repeatedly drawn attention to the threat to the city and warned that "the breach of the dam upstream will cause catastrophic damage."

Pakistan is suffering from severe flooding caused by heavy rains. In July and August, the country received 190% more rain than usual, affecting 6 million people. The countryʼs prime minister said that now Pakistan is like a "big sea".