The Mayor of Dnipro, Borys Filatov, says that he is threatened to introduce a “military administration” in the city and remove him from his post

Oleksiy Yarmolenko

The Mayor of Dnipro, Borys Filatov, said that he was threatened to create a “military administration” in the city. In this way, he can be removed from his position.

He told about this in an interview with Babel.

"If they [the authorities] donʼt need my services, then let it be. They started sending me "best regards" which means that they may introduce a “military administration” in the Dnipro. I say, let it be, let them introduce it, as long as they somehow explain it to society," Filatov noted.

He explained that during martial law, according to the presidential decree, military administrations can be created in populated areas. This allows the removal of the head of a village, town or city from the position during martial law and for 30 days after it.

Filatov himself emphasizes that he has no political ambitions and wants to retire.

"If someone thinks that I am in the political opposition, then these are chimeras in peopleʼs heads. I want the war to end as soon as possible, my second term, I packed my suitcase and retired," he emphasized.