The Ukrainian war drama “Mother of the Apostles” won at the film festival in Hong Kong

Sofiia Telishevska

The Ukrainian film "Mothers of the Apostles", directed by Zaza Buadze, won the main award of the international film festival Asia Film Art in Hong Kong.

It was reported in the press service of Derzhkino.

The drama won first place among works from Germany, Japan, China, India, the USA and Hong Kong.

The film "Mothers of the Apostles" is based on the stories of women whose sons fought for Ukraine in 2014. In search of her pilot son, whose plane was shot down over the occupied territory, the mother enters a foreign and aggressive world of hatred and suffering.

In this hell, a woman is looking for a son and, having great love and a merciful character in her heart, changes everyone she meets on her way. Her despair and pain are reborn into the eternal mother spirit of the earth, who brings her sons home, dead or alive.

The Asia Film Art International Film Festival (AFAIFF) is organized by the Hong Kong Film Art Association (HKFAA) and the Macau Film Art Association (MFAA). The festival presents innovative filmmakers and artists from around the world.