The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland ordered shops not to sell sanctioned goods if they are planned to be taken to Russia

Anna Kholodnova

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland obliged the countryʼs stores to refuse sales if it becomes obvious that the buyer intends to take sanctioned goods to Russia.

This is reported by Yle.

"The EU resolution on sectoral sanctions against Russia prohibits the sale, supply, transfer or export, directly or through intermediaries, of separately listed luxury goods to individuals or legal entities, organizations or structures located in Russia, or for use in Russia," the secretary of legislative affairs Mikael Ruotsi.

According to him, the ban applies to everyone and does not prohibit the sale of goods just because the buyer is Russian.

At the same time, the ministry notes that in practice, it is difficult for the seller to determine whether the product will go to Russia or remain in Finland unless the customer buys the product duty-free. Therefore, the ministry emphasizes that decisions must be made individually in each specific case.

  • EU sanctions prohibit the export of luxury goods to Russia. In particular, the ban covers auto parts, clothes, shoes, accessories, cosmetics, electronic components, food, diapers, sports equipment, household appliances, jewelry, computers, books, toys, records, sound recording, and audio reproduction equipment which cost more than €300.