This autumn Apple will launch payment for fuel from the dashboard of the car

Anna Kholodnova

Apple is working on developing new CarPlay software that will allow you to buy fuel directly from the dashboard of the car. The function is planned to be launched in the fall of this year.

This was reported by Reuters.

"The new feature will hit hundreds of car models already compatible with CarPlay when Apple releases software updates this fall," said Horace Dediu, an analyst at Asymco and founder of Micromobility Industries.

Dallas-based Sinclair, which sells gasoline at 1,600 US stations, told reporters it plans to use the new CarPlay technology and will announce the details in the coming months.

To take advantage of the new feature in CarPlay, iPhone owners will need to download the Fuel Company app to their phone and enter their billing credentials to set up the app. After that, users will be able to simply touch the navigation screen in the car to activate the pump and pay for fuel.

Appleʼs developers have already given CarPlay access to applications for parking, charging electric cars, and ordering food, as well as adding programs for other tasks, such as recording mileage during business trips.