Ukrainians will be able to get IT education for free

Anna Kholodnova

The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine together with international partners is launching a new educational project IT Generation. Thanks to him, Ukrainians will be able to become IT specialists for free.

This was announced by Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov.

According to him, the government is working to increase the share of IT in Ukraineʼs GDP to 10%. But this requires the training of many professionals.

"It is the issue of education that should be given more time. Over the past six months, we have developed an algorithm for the development of IT education — what needs to be done specifically to meet that demand and meet all needs. The reform of IT education includes many stages: a change in approaches to the study of computer science in schools, a change in the approach to the management of free economic science in the direction of technology, the introduction of new specialties, and other stages," said the Minister.

In the first stage of IT specialties, they plan to teach a thousand Ukrainians. It is not just about development, but also about management and design. About 2,000 Ukrainians will be trained in the second stage. Then they plan to provide free education to 30-40 thousand people.

To become a student, a person must not have experience and a relevant profession.

“The essence of the project is that we choose the best schools, online and offline, give them the opportunity to collect applications from Ukrainians who have not worked in IT, to pass an interview. After that, our partners will pay for 100% of the training of Ukrainians who have passed the interview and will be able to work in the most progressive field," Fedorov stressed.

According to Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation for IT Development Oleksandr Bornyakov, in the first stage schools will be selected to participate in the IT Generation project. It will take two weeks. Then the list of these educational institutions is announced on the project website, and only then students will be able to submit their applications.

After that, the student who applied will pass the qualification in the educational institution to decide whether this person can study. At the funding stage, the partner company will provide a grant to pay for education.